Rudolph stories

Rudolph stories

In der letzten Englischstunde vor den Weihnachtsferien haben die Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klasse 6d (im Schuljahr 2019/20) auf der Grundlage von Illustrationen die Geschichte von Rudolph, dem Rentier mit der roten Nase auf Englisch nacherzählt. Im letzten Jahr hat Rudolph den Weg auf die Homepage nicht gefunden hat, jetzt hat es geklappt!

Jede Version ist ein bisschen anders und alle gehen zum Glück gut aus. Hier möchten wir drei der Geschichten vorstellen und wünschen allen eine schöne Ferienzeit.

The story of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer – retold by students of class 6d

At the home of Santa Claus inside the reindeershed everyone is having fun…except one – Rudolph. He has a problem – a red nose.

Every Christmas Eve it’s the same question: „Why am I not allowed to draw the sledge too?“ The sledge, a dream: it has turbines and red paintwork, and skis of course. So Rudolph tried with all things to cover his red nose. He tried to wash it off, put paint on it, tried to hide it but it always doesn’t help, so he’s sad.

It’s Christmas Eve but it’s really dark outside. Santa says: „I couldn’t see my hands in front of my eyes!“ But he finds the way to the reindeershed. There he sees a light  – a red light  – it comes from… Rudolph! His red nose is as good as a light and so Santa puts Rudolph in front of the sledge to find the way. happyEND (by Colin Fiedler)

Once upon a time in at the North Pole there was a house, it was Santa’s house and here our story starts. There was a reindeer who was called Rudolph. He wasn’t a happy reindeer, he was very alone and sad because all of the reindeers laughed about his red nose and because Rudolph was very clumsy.

In the evening everyone is having fun. Everyone? Rudolph is sitting alone and wants to cry. He thinks: „Why am I not allowed to draw the sledge too?“

Rudolph always asks: “Why am I not allowed to draw the sledge too, Santa?“ Santa always gives the same answer: “No, Rudolph you are too clumsy, I’m sorry!“ Rudolph is so depressed that he takes a woolly hat and puts it on his red nose. He is saying to himself: “Shame on me!“

In Christmas night it is really cold and dark. Now Santa is having a problem, a big problem because it is too dark for the reindeers, but Santa says: „My lovely reindeers, I need your help.“

The reindeers try to fly, but they loose [the sledge] and run away.

So how can all kids have their presents? Rudolph! Santa finds Rudolph in the reindeershed, he is sitting alone and crying. Santa talks with Rudolph and tells him that he needs his help. Then Rudolf laughs and goes with Santa to the sledge. So he, Santa and the other reindeers fly in good rhythm and Rudolph’s red nose gives the light. (by Lina El Hayani)

Once upon a time in a reindeershed next to a sledge garage, a multi-storey present storage and an inconspicuous house, a reindeer sits in a corner of the shed. All in the shed have fun – really all? No, Rudolph sits in the corner and is sad. No one wants to play with Rudolph. Why? Because he has red, red nose! Rudolph says:“Why am I not allowed to draw the sledge?

Soon it’s Christmas, all reindeers are allowed to draw the sledge. All except Rudolph. In a dark night – it’s Christmas – Santa stands on the meadow in front of the shed. Santa says: “Well, we have a problem, it’s too dark – but Rudolph glows in the dark! You can come with us!“ So Rudolph is the first reindeer in the line! (by Konstantin Broßmann)