Digitaler Maastricht-Austausch

Gymnasium Nord goes digital

Als eine der ersten Schulen in Deutschland hat die 9a des Gymnasium Nord gemeinsam mit Frau Widera, Frau Knaupp und Frau Löber im Oktober gemeinsam mit dem Porta Mosana College in Maastricht ( einen digitalen Austausch durchgeführt. Dabei haben die Schülerinnen und Schüler nicht nur Gleichaltrige aus einem Nachbarland kennen gelernt, sondern sich auch intensiv mit den beiden für Europa bedeutenden Städten Maastricht und Frankfurt auseinandergesetzt und gemeinsam digitale Produkte erstellt. Vor allem in dieser entbehrungsreichen Corona-Zeit schätzen wir die neuen Kontakte und den kulturellen Austausch ungemein. Wir freuen uns sehr über diese Kooperation und sind gespannt auf die weitere Entwicklung dieses Austausches!

© Nadine Knaupp
Digital Exchange with Maastricht

On the 5th of October 2021, our bilingual class 9a started an exchange week with a school from Maastricht. We were so happy about it and we had been looking forward to it for so long. It’s a great possibility to improve your English and pronunciation, since you have to communicate with students from another country. Our class and the students from Maastricht prepared for it. We collected quiz questions and wrote a personal description about ourselves. Every student got a partner with their description and worked with him/her for 3 days. The teachers also prepared some interesting tasks to get to know each other, our countries and cities, the Netherlands and Germany. Our partners were so kind and very interesting! We made presentations about interesting events in our cities and countries and acquired many new skills. Did you know that there are actually more bicycles than people in the Netherlands? They told us about their interesting culture and history and we told them about ours. It wasn’t boring at all and we could use digital media and interact with each other through it. We used Kahoot and could share our screen to show the most beautiful places of Fankfurt on a picture. We also learned a lot about their school system. They have their own lockers all over the school and don’t even have an own classroom, because they are changing it every lesson. I think that these three days really changed my opinion about the Netherlands and I would really love to live there. I really hope, we can go to Maastricht in May and meet our partners in real life. I am very happy to be in a bilingual class and to have the possibility to be in touch with students from other countries like the Netherlands! We are still talking with our partners from Maastricht and really hope to see them soon.

Daria Markevich