Our planet – poems by students

Our Planet – Poems by students

#OurPlanet war das den März bestimmende Thema in den beiden Englischklassen 6b und 6g. Am Ende der Einheit galt es ein Gedicht über das eigene Verhältnis zur Natur, zu unserem Planeten zu gestalten. Welche Themen die Schülerinnen und Schüler hierbei besonders bewegen zeigen einige der wundervollen Endprodukte.

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The Planet
The planet is what we need
to live but many people ruin this
The climate gets warmer and warmer
and this is a big drama.
We have to help the planet get better
but everyone likes the warm weather.
Some people lost tears because the planet is not good,
and if no one hears, the planet gets worse in 100 years.
We have to do something for the planet, but it will only work if everyone helps:
We hope that the planet gets better with the help of all the people.
(Azra, Carla, 6b)

Nature is wonderful
Nature is a quiet place.
I love the rush of the water and the rustle of the tress.
You sit on a big stone and listen to the wind.
You fall asleep and wake up when the civilization calls.
Oh, so wonderful.
Sometimes I want to never go away from here.
But that is not possible.
The most beautiful forest that U saw was in Denmark.
There comes a wind from South West.
The dirt rolls away like a billiard ball.
Oh, Denmark.
Nature is something that we get from someone.
But not everyone sees that.
As soon as you go into the forest, spend a morning there,
After that you see that all lives.
(Jan, 6b)

Some animals like bananas like monkeys.
Some animals like carrots like donkeys.
Fish live in the sea.
Some animals can fly like a bee.
Some animals are great like our wonderful nature.
Some animals are ugly like a creepy creature.
What would the most beautiful countryside be,
if there are no animals that we can see?
(Gabriel, 6b)

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My planet
Now it looks good
But in thousand of years
It’s maybe not here anymore
The end is near
Icebergs are melting
The North pole is breaking
The wind felt so good
The trees give us wood
The animals are beautiful
They make things we never thought of
The scientists aren’t careful
Otherwise the earth will be caught too
The cars , trains and planes
They make the earth dirty
The creator must have to be ashamed, they need new names
I don’t like the scientists because they are all nerdy.
(Sean-Ryan, Jacob)

Human’s destruction comes upon us
If they don’t stop, they will destroy
They will cause explosion and deaths
And the one over us will cease to exist
Revenge says creation comes before destruction

The one that they call Earth
Without him the planet called Earth will disappear
We need to unite
And stop the ones engraved with hatred

Because we as mankind need to unite
to beat them
Once we’ve done we’ll celebrate
We’ll go for a walk
And take care of each other
(Raul, 6b)

All the plastic ion the sea
can be dangerous for me.
All the gases in the air
All the people have to care.
If the level if gas will not sink
We will not have clear water to drink.
(Benno, Jil, 6g)

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Rainforests are beautiful.
Are big.
In the rainforest life is dangerous.
Nights are noisy.
Frogs hop around.
Orang Utans help their young ones to climb up trees.
Rivers flow through the forest.
Evergreen leaves are bright all year around.
Save the Rainforest.
Take a look at your paper. It was a tree.
(Daria, 6g)

Our earth is our home
We’re the people,
we live on the earth
surrounded by beautiful nature.
We love our earth, we’re intelligent,
we create many things –
things that destroy our nature.
Things like plastic makes our lives easier,
but plastic lasts longer than we do.
The plastic ends up I our oceans
and builds big plastic islands the size of four Germanies.
Plastic islands are dangerous for all animals in the sea,
they eat it and suffer,
either they die or we eat plastic fish.
It’s our life and future – we have to change this.
(Lasse, Maksym, 6g)

Nasli Gasgari-Brown